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Bristlecone Blog

This Storm Too Shall Pass

As you all know, the results of the US Presidential election were not what investors around the world anticipated. Surprise and uncertainty breeds volatility. Similar to the aftermath of Brexit last June, when UK voters approved to leave the European Union, markets around the world and the dollar are reacting negatively as we write this note.

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3rd Quarter Review: More of the Same

In economic news, it was pretty much more of the same. The US economy continued to grow at a tortoise pace during the 3rd quarter. On a positive note, wage growth is accelerating and residential real estate values continue to increase around the country, which bodes well for the future.

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“A Slow Speed Train Wreck”

The Los Angeles Times published an excellent long form series last week on the root causes of California’s burgeoning public pension funding gap. It is an interesting backstory characterized by financial myopia, cognitive bias, and endemic conflicts of interest.

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2nd Quarter Review: The Brexit Blip

With the benefit of a month’s hindsight, market fallout from the Brexit campaign appears surprisingly short-lived, particularly in the U.S. Following a brief selloff in the few days following the June 23rd vote, the S&P 500 rallied over 8% in the next few weeks, hitting a fresh all-time high by early July. European equities, while still modestly negative for the year, also regained much of the ground lost after the Brexit vote.

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Brexit and Your Portfolio

On Thursday, British citizens voted in a national referendum on whether or not their country should remain a part of the European Union (E.U.), of which it has been a member since 1973. At stake was Britain’s relationship to a much disliked supranational institution, and what this means for trade, sovereignty, and security.

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