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5 Real-World Time Value of Money Problems Thumbnail

5 Real-World Time Value of Money Problems

Nearly everyone is familiar with the expression "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush." On its face, this proverb conveys the risk of exchanging a sure thing for the uncertain prospect of something better. But underlying this time-tested truism is a core concept of finance: The Time Value of Money (TVM).

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Second Quarter 2020: Recovery Thumbnail

Second Quarter 2020: Recovery

The question we are asked more than any other these days goes something like this: how is it possible that the stock market has recovered so strongly since March while the economic and other news has been so bad? We feel obliged to answer this question, and we will shortly, but before doing so we need to get our hedges in. We simply don't know yet whether the stock market is accurately foretelling a return to normal economic growth or if its recovery is just a temporary, artificially sweetened pop.

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