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Why the Bristlecone Name?

Why Bristlecone?

The firm you invest with becomes your partner in achieving your financial goals. Things to consider:

Highest Professional Standards

  • Priorities – We are fiduciaries in managing client assets. Simply put, that means client interests come first. Learn more about the fiduciary standard.
    What separates investment advisers regulated under the Advisers Act of 1940 (like Bristlecone) from brokers (registered representatives of brokerage firms) is the fiduciary standard—the very same standard that applies to trustees.

    Bottom line – there is a higher level of ethical responsibility for investment advisors than for brokers. Brokers typically need only to find investments that are “suitable,” whereas registered investment advisers are required to be diligent in pursuing the client’s best interests. This distinction is significant: an investment could be suitable but not necessarily in the client's best interest. Bristlecone is proud to uphold the higher standard.
  • Ethics – Each principal of Bristlecone holds the CFA charter and every employee abides by the CFA Code of Ethics in addition to Bristlecone's own policy. Click here to learn more.
  • Co-Investment – Bristlecone's partners, employees, and their families have a significant proportion of their household net worth invested alongside our clients.
  • Transparency – Your assets are custodied with an independent, financially-strong broker-dealer (Charles Schwab or Fidelity Investments) who provides monthly account statements. Online access is available upon request.

  • Candid Communication – We are committed to regular, candid communications about our investment decisions and your financial situation. See our monthly digest and quarterly commentary archives for examples, or contact us to meet with us in person.

Independent, Thoughtful Advice

Investing successfully often requires going against the grain, so our investment management decisions are driven by independent thinking and original research. As an employee-owned firm, with no affiliation to any broker, we are wholly committed to your investment success.

Value Delivered

We expect to earn a reasonable fee for your business and are confident of the value we deliver. At the same time, we also strive to minimize your overall costs so that more of your money goes to meet your investment goals.

  • Bristlecone is a fee-only advisor. That means we don’t earn commissions, sales loads, or any type of fee other than the advisory fee you agree to on your investment management agreement.
  • Our low level of turnover limits brokerage commission fees and can limit taxable gains.

Experienced Team

Bristlecone’s team of professionals—with exceptional training, long-term investment experience, and diverse perspectives—is uniquely equipped to meet your investment challenges. Click on names below the pictures for full bios. 

David Fleer, CFA Jean-Luc Nouzille, CFA Josh Graybill, CFA

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