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Weekly News Digest

The Unexpected Antidote to Procrastination - Harvard Business Review (3 min). What if we all lived life like a surfer on a wave?

Americans on the Move - U-Haul.  Each year, the nation's largest provider of DIY moving equipment reports on U.S. migration trends, using proprietary data on equipment rentals.  The 2020 report ranks both states and cities by net migration growth.  

Tommy Lasorda, A Dodger From His Cleats to His Cap, Dies at 93 - The New York Times.  The longtime Dodger, who spent 71 years with the organization and managed the team to two World Series titles, passed away on Thursday night.

India’s Vaccine Colossus Is a Model for the World to Follow - The Wall Street Journal.  Serum Institute to manufacture vaccines not just for the world’s second-most populous country, but likely many others too.

The Customer Is Not Always Right - Food and Wine.  Customer entitlement at restaurants is at an all-time high, making work unsafe and unbearable for many in the industry. The way we think about hospitality needs to change.

CFOs Optimistic but Uncertain About the Pace of Recovery - Duke Fuqua CFO Survey. Corporate financial decision-makers are generally optimistic about U.S. economic prospects, but note downside risks for 2021, as well as a trend towards workforce automation.

The Lost History of Yellowstone - Smithsonian Magazine (22 min). Debunking the myth that the great national park was a wilderness untouched by humans.

Journey to the Center of the Earth - Outside Magazine (24 min)For nearly half a century, legends of a giant cave in the Andes—holding artifacts that could rewrite human history—have beckoned adventurers and tantalized fans of the occult. Now the daughter of a legendary explorer is on a new kind of quest: to tell the truth about the cave in order to save it.