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Weekly News Digest

An Absurdly Complete Guide to Understanding Whiskey - Eater (14min). What really makes whiskey taste like whiskey? If flavor truly just came down to a simple formula of distilling ratios of grains plus time spent in a barrel, then there wouldn’t be an infinite range of tastes, profiles and qualities. There’s a world of whiskey geekdom to explore, all of the finer points which turn that basic math into the highly complex art and science of whiskey production.

Adventure at the eco corral: sustainable cattle ranching in Colorado - The Financial Times. The FT’s US financial editor saddles up for an all-in cowboy experience in the high desert.

The World's Top 10 Most Spoken Languages - visualcapitalist.com. In today’s increasingly globalized world, having a shared means of communication—or an international language, rather—is more important than ever.

The Disciplined Pursuit of Less - Harvard Business Review (5 min). Why don’t successful people and organizations automatically become very successful?

The Covid-19 Vaccines Are a Marvel of Science. Here’s How We Can Make the Best Use of Them - Stat. Vaccines that prevent symptomatic Covid infection in roughly 95% of people vaccinated — as the data from clinical trials of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines suggest — should, over time, help the country and the world return to a life where we can travel without quarantining; where sporting events can be played before live audiences, not cardboard cutouts; and where snowstorms are the only reasons school gets canceled. But if we’re not careful, we could fail to take full advantage of the opportunity scientists and governments, pharmaceutical companies and philanthropic foundations have created for us.

What May Be in Store for Taxes Under Biden - Morningstar. Vague tax proposals and a Senate runoff make tax planning difficult. It’s looking like 2020 will be the last certain year of low tax rates.

The Reasonable Optimist - Morgan Housel. The ease of underestimating how bad things can be in the short run and how good they can be in the longer run is a leading cause of bad forecasts, bad decisions, and confused people. It’s common because it’s easier to go all in on either optimism or pessimism – having one foot on each side feels waffling.

These Trees Are Not What They Seem - Bloomberg.  How the Nature Conservancy, the world’s biggest environmental group, became a dealer of meaningless carbon offsets.