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Weekly News Digest

5 Big Picture Trends Being Accelerated by the Pandemic - visualcapitalist.com.  "No doubt, even after a viable vaccine is released to the general public and things begin to return to some semblance of normalcy, there will be long lasting effects on society and the economy. It’s been said that COVID-19 has hit fast forward on a number of trends, from e-commerce to workplace culture." 

This Japanese Shop Is 1,020 Years Old. It Knows a Bit About Surviving Crises. The New York Times (7 min). A mochi seller in Kyoto, and many of Japan’s other centuries-old businesses, have endured by putting tradition and stability over profit and growth. 

Getting In on the 50th Floor - Rational Walk. "The process of compounding wealth is best characterized by an interesting paradox:  What is very exciting to observe, in retrospect, over long periods of time can appear to be relatively dreary and dull while actually living through the process."  

Finland Ends Homelessness and Provides Shelter for All In Need - Kontrast. "In Finland, the number of homeless people has fallen sharply. The reason: The country applies the “Housing First” concept. Those affected by homelessness receive a small apartment and counselling – without any preconditions. 4 out of 5 people affected thus make their way back into a stable life. And: All this is cheaper than accepting homelessness." 

As ‘Doonesbury’ Turns 50, Garry Trudeau Picks His 10 Defining Strips - The Washington Post. "In the beginning, while still in college, Garry Trudeau thought he might commit to his syndicated strip “for a year or two.” Now, he has reached a rare perch: His “Doonesbury” is one of the few newspaper comics ever to hit the half-century mark as the creation of a single mind." 

How Venture Capitalists Are Deforming Capitalism - The New Yorker.  Even the worst-run startup can beat competitors if investors prop it up. The V.C. firm Benchmark helped enable WeWork to make one wild mistake after another—hoping that its gamble would pay off before disaster struck. 

The Capital of Sprawl Gets a Radically Car-Free Neighborhood - The New York Times. On an empty lot near Phoenix, perhaps the most auto-addicted city in America, a start-up is betting $170 million on a more walkable future.