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Weekly News Digest

Ranking Asset Classes by Historical Returns (1985-2020) - visualcapitalist.com.  Which asset classes have been the top performers so far this year? Are there any historical patterns? This chart shows historical returns including dividends but net of inflation for various investments over the past 36 years. 

Covid-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool - Georgia Tech University.  Drawing on publicly-available data sets, researchers at Georgia Tech developed a model which estimates the odds of at least one person in a gathering of 10 or more people being infected with Covid-19.  The model, which is updated daily, provides estimates at the county level.  

How the Pandemic Changed Garbage - Time Magazine (10 min).  The CEO of the America's largest garbage collector reveals what the country's waste stream tells us about the state of the economy.  

Tesla Finally Joins the S&P 500 - Morningstar The addition will increase the S&P 500’s concentration, which is saying a great deal, because the index currently is more top-heavy than at any other time during the past 25 years. Usually, the S&P 500’s Top 10 holdings make up about 20% of the index’s total assets. That figure has expanded sharply over the past 18 months, reaching 28% in June. Since then, the Top 10 holdings have further surged. Counting Tesla’s addition, they now account for 34% of the index.

How Bank of America Helped Fuel California’s Unemployment Meltdown - CalMattersFor a brief moment this summer, Stephanie Moore thought she might finally see a glimmer of hope at the end of the coronavirus recession. Unemployment benefits provided a lifeline for the 38-year-old Los Angeles housekeeper to leave a bad relationship and rent an Airbnb while she looked for a job. But in early October, her state-issued Bank of America debit card balance plummeted from around $400 to negative $1,100 after a credit for fraudulent charges from months earlier was reversed without warning.

The New Science of Our Ancient Bond With Dogs - SmithsonianA growing number of researchers are hot on the trail of a surprisingly profound question: What makes dogs such good companions?

The Man Who Brought 'The Queen's Gambit' to Life - The Ringer (13 min).  Walter Tevis, the author of the book upon which the Netflix hit is based, spent his life gambling and drinking in pool halls before turning to chess.