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Weekly News Digest

The Biggest Wave Surfed This Year - The New York Times.  Researchers in California helped measure the biggest wave surfed this year: a 73.5 footer ridden by a 33-year-old Brazilian woman, Maya Gabeira.  

The Countries With the Most Military Spending - Visual Capitalist. This graphic from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) delves into the top military spenders as of 2019. 

Summer 1945, American GIs at the Sorbonne -   France-Amerique. After the end of the war in Europe, a challenge remained: What could be used to occupy the thousands of idle, impatient U.S. soldiers awaiting repatriation? The top brass delivered an answer: Send them to university!  

Exclusive: The Billionaire Who Wanted to Die Broke . . . Is Now Officially Broke - Forbes. It took decades, but Chuck Feeney, the former billionaire cofounder of retail giant Duty Free Shoppers has finally given all his money away to charity. He has nothing left now—and he couldn’t be happier. 

The Naturalization Process: Explained - USA Facts.  For anyone not born a US citizen, the only way to become one is by naturalization. Learn about what it is, how it’s changed, and what the process entails. 

The Serendipity Mindset: How To Make Your Own Luck - The Guardian.  Seeing meaning in the unexpected can help turn mistakes into opportunities, says researcher Dr. Christian Busch. 

This Day In Financial History - Jason Zweig.  Learn what happened in business in today's past. 

Complaint Flushed: No Charge In Toilet Election Display - AP.  A prosecutor in Michigan has flushed a complaint about a toilet that was promoted as a place to drop absentee ballots.