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Weekly News Digest

The Most Popular Websites Since 1993 - Visual Capitalist. This fun animated graphic from Visual Capitalist tracks the evolution of the world’s most popular websites since 1993, month by month, reinforcing the notion in a fast-changing world that today’s big winners very often aren’t tomorrow’s.  

Understanding Stakeholder Value: Where Do Profits Come From? - Ensemble CapitalEvery investment is made in search of profits. But where do those profits come from? Are they created out of thin air? Are they extracted from someone else? 

First U.S. Small Nuclear Reactor Design Is Approved - Scientific AmericanThe U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved the design of a new kind of reactor, known as a small modular reactor. The design, from the Portland, Ore.–based company NuScale Power, is intended to speed construction, lower cost and improve safety over traditional nuclear reactors. 

New Dog Walking Rule in Germany Leaves Owners Scratching Their Heads - ReutersA new rule forcing Germans to take their dog for a walk twice a day has unleashed a debate on whether the state can decide what is best for the country’s 9.4 million pet canines. Fun fact aside: German Shepherds are, in fact, still called German in Germany. 

Statistics, lies and the virus: Tim Harford’s five lessons from a pandemic- Financial TimesIn an age of disinformation, the value of rigorous data has never been more evident. 

Four Questions to Help Demystify Your Relationship With Money. The New York Times. An author seeks to prompt critical thinking about money and the status and power that are accrued from it. Several experts offered their own take. 

Electric Engines Give Classic Cars a Recharge. The Wall Street JournalEV modifications and interior-tech overhauls are breathing new life into iconic autos that have struggled to stay road-worthy.

A Free Market Manifesto That Changed the World, Reconsidered - The New York Times.  Milton Friedman's libertarian economics influenced presidents and inspired "greed is good." So what did Friedman get right--and wrong?  Today's business leaders and economists weigh in.