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Weekly News Digest

Meet the Star Witness: Your Smart Speaker - Wired. Requests are rising from law enforcement for information on the devices, which can include internet queries, food orders, and overheard conversations.

The Best Places To Retire In 2020 - Forbes.com.  Forbes compared more than 750 locales in America, measuring everything from housing costs and taxes to healthcare and air quality. These are the top 25 cities for retirees. Bristlecone's advice: rent first!

California has a Housing Crisis - LA Times.  A new bill in the California Assembly (SB 1120) would loosen zoning regulations to allow duplexes on parcels currently zoned for single family homes.  

Natural disasters have cost the US over $1.79T since 1980 - USA Facts. The economic toll is increasing, with 25.7% of the damage from the past three years alone. Hurricane Laura will add to that total.

Redefining Old Age - Flowing Data. What is old?