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Weekly News Digest

What’s Wrong With the Mail - Vox.  "After years of money problems tied to decline in certain types of mail and an obligation to prefund its retirement benefits, the USPS suffered a very serious financial blow when the pandemic hit."  

War heroes no longer dominate American politics as they once did - The Economist. The share of veterans in Congress has fallen faster than in the whole population. Contrary to stereotype, those who have never worn a uniform are typically more willing to countenance intervention for humanitarian or nation-building purposes (…)

Market rally contains a hopeful message for the economy - Financial Times. There are good reasons for soaring stocks, despite a seeming disconnect from the recession

Why is the ‘anti-vaxxer’ movement growing during a worldwide pandemic? - Financial Times. Concern in the US that Donald Trump will rush to approve a vaccine before the election is playing into wider safety fears

Gone phishing - restofworld.org. Obinwanne Okeke was supposed to be a rags-to-riches Nigerian success story. Then the feds followed the money.

The Road to Fortnite - Slate. Inside the meteoric rise of Epic Games.