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Weekly News Digest

Covid-19 seems to have changed lifestyles for good - The Economist. Google search traffic for cooking, exercise and crafts remains above normal levels. 

How to Get a Big Break on the Cost of College: Just Ask - The Wall Street JournalThe coronavirus pandemic has accelerated a yearslong shift in bargaining power away from colleges and toward families, which are quite prepared to treat tuition as they would a car’s price: something to haggle over. 

Pop Culture Gargoyles Hidden in Gothic Architecture -  Atlas Obscura20th and 21st century stone carvers were asked to replace as many destroyed gargoyles as possible. If some of them copied meticulously the medieval form of the past, others had another vision of what gargoyles could be. 

The Ugly Scramble - Morgan HouselA truth in one field often shines a light on another. So let me tell you a story about what cats falling out of buildings teaches us about businesses surviving Covid-19. 

Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution - Museum of Fine Arts Gent. Missing museums? Take a 360-degree virtual tour of this landmark exhibition. From the New York Times exhibition review: "Nearly six centuries ago, here in the northwest corner of Europe, the painter Jan van Eyck used a brand-new technology — oil paint — to pioneer an art of such precision that it almost negated its religious function, and went past inspiring prayer to become something eternal itself. Still today, for secular audiences, his diamond-hard paintings can appear to come from another world."