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Weekly News Digest

The fear of robots displacing workers has returned - The Economist High rates of joblessness and eye-catching technological advances are again contributing to a new round of fears. But do not expect tech-induced lay-offs just yet.  

Foods That Fight Fatigue - Consumer Reports. Some easy dietary changes can boost your energy and improve overall health. 

Daughters of the Bomb: A Story of Hiroshima, Racism and Human Rights - Narratively. On the 75th anniversary of the A-bomb, a Japanese-American writer speaks to one of the last living survivors—and traces connections from Malcolm X to the fight to end nuclear war. 

New Eisenhower Memorial Is Stunning, Especially at Night - Washington PostIn a fraught moment for monuments, the newest memorial on our National Mall is complete after a long, contentious struggle to bring Frank Gehry's design to fruition. Both Democrats and Republicans sought to draft Eisenhower for President in 1952, something hard to imagine in today's hyper-partisan world. 

Many Americans Are Convinced Crime Is Rising In The U.S. - FiveThirtyEight. They're wrong. But their fear makes everyone less safe. 

The Case Against American Truck Bloat - The Week.  Trucks and SUVs now make up 70% of new auto sales, with the average new truck weighing 730 pounds more than it did 20 years ago.   

How the Pandemic Defeated America - The Atlantic. "The coronavirus found, exploited, and widened every inequity that the U.S had to offer."