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Weekly News Digest

How to read more books - PsycheModern life can feel too frantic for books. Use these habit-building strategies to carve out time for the joy of reading

An Illustrated Love Letter to Gardening - BrainPickings. A lush serenade to the patience and fortitude of living with uncertainty and letting life unfold on its own terms.

Here We Are: 5 Stories That Got Us to Now - Morgan Housel. To have any hope of making sense of what’s happening in 2020, we have to pay attention to a bunch of seemingly unrelated stories that began before anyone had heard of Covid-19. Here are five that seem particularly important.

Summer on Mars - Scientific American. NASA’s Perseverance Rover is one of three missions ready to launch. A new generation of orbiters, landers and rovers will study the Red Planet as never before, setting the stage for returning pristine samples to Earth. Also on Perseverance, here's a beautiful photo essay from The Atlantic.

The Pandemic Has Shown That Amazon Is Essential--But Vulnerable - The Economist.  "The world's most admired business is thus left having to solve several puzzles. If Amazon raises wages to placate politicians in a populist era, it will lose its low-cost edge.  If it spins off AWS to please regulators, the rump will be financially fragile.  And if it raises prices to satisfy shareholders its new competitors will win market share."  

New Thinking in a Pandemic: Don Moore & Annie Duke (video) - Haas Business School.  Two top experts on decision making came together for a discussion of probabilistic thinking in the age of the coronavirus.